Promotions and weird stuff

I found out yesterday that I got my promotion, so (hopefully) starting next week, I will be a librarian II. yay!! It mwans slightly better pay, a better title, and just generally makes me look cool, yeah?

I also started using twitter the other day. Basically, I wanted to follow Neil Gaiman and Trent Reznor. I also ended up subscribing to Wil Wheaton's twitter, too...he really is a nerd.

Also, will pople lend me money, please? I really need it for this: Come on people, for $10,000 I get to hang out with Josh and Jeordie AND get a car!

Also, had a dream that Mike Patton and I fell in love and I left Mika for him. That's what I get for fawning over my picture of us together with Emily (still one of the coolest nights of my life)!

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So, I got a comment from Emily today, which made me realize, once again, that I forget to write here. I'm pretty sure I say something to this effect every 5 entries or so. *sigh*

So yeah, not much has been happening, other than work and trying to find fun things to do in Baton Rouge. Trust me, it's none too easy. However, I do have awesome co-workers (for the most part...) who have become good friend, so it makes it easier to live here. I do miss Texas though, especially at this time of the year. It doesn't get wintery enough here for my taste. And Oriental Garden's Pad Kee Mow sounds so yummy right now.

In other news, I think I'm going to make it my goal to get through at least half of my books that are scattered throughout my house this year. People have given me some, others are advanced readers copies, and they are all unread!! This just should not be.

Also, isn't my new user pic pretty? Yay for mark Ryden!

Also...boobies. That is all.
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Rules: It's harder than it looks! Copy to your own note, erase my answers, enter yours, and tag 10 people. Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real . . . nothing made up! If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use any word twice and you can't use your name for the boy/girl name question.

1. What is your name: Jennifer
2. A four letter word: jack
3. A boy's name: Jeordie
4. A girl's name: Jenna
5. An occupation: Journalist
6. A color: jungle green
7. Something you wear: jumper
9. A food: jambalaya
10. Something found in the bathroom: jumble of hair-ties (this one was too hard!)
11. A place: Jamaica
12. A reason for being late: Jump-starting car
13. Something you shout: Jumpin’ Jehoozafat!
14. A movie title: Jungle Book
15. Something you drink: Juice
16. A musical group: Jimmy Chamberlin Complex
17. An animal: jellyfish
18. A street name: Jefferson Hwy
19. A type of car: Jaguar
20. The title of a song: Jaktens Tid

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We had a mariachi band play "Another Brick in the Wall" at our table. It was perhaps the coolest thing ever. I think the singer was just waiting for a young stoner-looking dude with long hair to come in in order to sing it. Seriously, he looked so happy.

In other news, colds suck. IN other other news, i'll be in Denton next Friday (26th) so....yeah, tell me if you want to meet up. I'm totally having Oriental Garden for lunch (if it's still there....will someone please tell me if it is?!)

Your b-day, From Alex

Go To Wikipedia, type in your birthday, and list 3 events, two births, and a holiday your big day.

March 21:


1188 - Accession to the throne of Japan by emperor Antoku.
1413 - Henry V becomes King of England.
1952 - Alan Freed presents the Moondog Coronation Ball, the first rock and roll concert, in Cleveland, Ohio.

(BTW, there were a ton of massacres and bad stuff that happened on my birthday...seriously)


1685 - Johann Sebastian Bach, German composer (d. 1750)
1960 - Ayrton Senna, Brazilian race car driver and three-time F1 World Champion (d. 1994) (He was also a lefty like me)

Death: I had to do this one because of the WTF factor

2007 - Kevin Whitrick, first British man to commit suicide on a live chatroom (b. 1964)


Astrology: First day of star sign Aries.
Traditional date of vernal equinox, used for reckoning Easter. The real equinox varies between years.

I did it...

I was crazy, stood in line today, and bought an iPhone. Dumb? A little. Worth it? Oh yes. It is one sweet phone. I've ben making ringtones for it in Garageband all afternoon and browsing random websites. So..if you have Facebook, my new number is there. If you don't have it, comment and I shall send!

Tomorrow is Potterstock at the library (four Harry Potter tribute bands...) and I think I'll be completely, utterly drained afterwards, so wish me luck!
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Fear the evil Miso

Fear her!!

Seriously...I'm bored, and I miss posting on here. Everything has been going well, but I've just been so blah after work that I don't get on much. I do read though, I promise!

More later....
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So.....catching up

Yeah, it's been ages since I've posted anything hasn't it?  Sorry, I've just been busy and stuff...but I have been reading all of your journals!  I do almost evey day.

Let's see...what's happened since the last time?  Well, I got married to Mika in a small ceremony January 5th in Paris, Texas (after going back to Australia for a was heaven!).  It was just perfect :)  Soon afterwards, I had t go back to work and school.  I was swamped in both, taking 4 graduate courses, practicum, and my computer lab job.  I had hardlly any time to just relax!

It all paid off though, because I have now graduated with my master's in library science, and will be starting my job as a youth librarian in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on!

Moving to the new state has been a lot of hassle, but it's been worth it.  Mika and I got a nice condo to rent, and we already have a new family member!  She's a 4 month old calico kitten named Miso, and she's the best cat ever.

Well, I hope to talk on here a little more.  Sorry about the big gap!

Here's some pics from the wedding and from Miso:

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