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Your b-day, From Alex

Go To Wikipedia, type in your birthday, and list 3 events, two births, and a holiday your big day.

March 21:


1188 - Accession to the throne of Japan by emperor Antoku.
1413 - Henry V becomes King of England.
1952 - Alan Freed presents the Moondog Coronation Ball, the first rock and roll concert, in Cleveland, Ohio.

(BTW, there were a ton of massacres and bad stuff that happened on my birthday...seriously)


1685 - Johann Sebastian Bach, German composer (d. 1750)
1960 - Ayrton Senna, Brazilian race car driver and three-time F1 World Champion (d. 1994) (He was also a lefty like me)

Death: I had to do this one because of the WTF factor

2007 - Kevin Whitrick, first British man to commit suicide on a live chatroom (b. 1964)


Astrology: First day of star sign Aries.
Traditional date of vernal equinox, used for reckoning Easter. The real equinox varies between years.

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