samurai_jenn (samurai_jenn) wrote,

Promotions and weird stuff

I found out yesterday that I got my promotion, so (hopefully) starting next week, I will be a librarian II. yay!! It mwans slightly better pay, a better title, and just generally makes me look cool, yeah?

I also started using twitter the other day. Basically, I wanted to follow Neil Gaiman and Trent Reznor. I also ended up subscribing to Wil Wheaton's twitter, too...he really is a nerd.

Also, will pople lend me money, please? I really need it for this: Come on people, for $10,000 I get to hang out with Josh and Jeordie AND get a car!

Also, had a dream that Mike Patton and I fell in love and I left Mika for him. That's what I get for fawning over my picture of us together with Emily (still one of the coolest nights of my life)!

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